Where to Buy Concrete Barriers

Where to Buy Concrete Barriers

When it comes to concrete barriers, understanding the benefits and functions of them makes them a popular and trusted option for instances where a site will need protection for an extended period of time. So knowing where to get them from is key.

That’s why, in this blog, we will tell you where to buy concrete barriers.

At PPC Concrete Products, we are here to provide solutions for your construction needs, from the person working their own part-time project, to commercial clients, and everyone in-between.

Monthly construction output had risen an estimated by an 1.6% value in June 2023, and we would like to think our accessible concrete products had a small part to play by giving our clients easy access to reliable and easy-to-use construction solutions.

Why concrete barriers are needed

The function of a barrier is simply to prevent, or limit, access to a site or area. This could be for security reasons, safety reasons, or a combination of both.

Generally, concrete barriers are used to prevent members of the public from accessing construction areas, or creating a safe path for them to navigate through beside a construction site.

Concrete barriers, prevent vehicles from entering sites by force. This can prevent large scale damage to the building, and prevent large scale theft of site equipment/ installations.

Additionally, concrete barriers are heavy, this makes them extremely difficult to move, and due to the natural durability of concrete, it is difficult to damage. This combination of durability and heavy weight enables a concrete barrier to be one of the best long-term options available.

Concrete barrier dimensions

Amongst different providers, the dimensions of their concrete blocks may vary, but with that in mind, the dimensions of our concrete barriers are, 900×2000 mm. This equates to 90×200 cm.

Why are concrete barriers low?

These dimensions display that our concrete barriers aren’t tall structures, but more than tall and wide enough to barricade your site from vehicles. As well, serve as an obvious indication that access is not granted beyond the barrier.

Understandably, a taller barrier provides a better level of security and privacy, but will also cost a fair amount more. That being said, there probably are concrete barrier providers who specialise in taller structures.

The weight of a concrete barrier

At PPC, our concrete barriers weigh just below 2.5 tonnes. This may seem a lot for a single barrier, but rest assured, this weight guarantees our concrete barriers can not be moved without any heavy lifting equipment.

The heavy weight ensures that your barrier is unlikely to be tampered with, and damaged unless it is a very high velocity impact. This gives peace of mind and a layer of security for sites that need a basic level of protection.

Weights of barriers will likely vary nominally depending on the manufacturer.

Can you get lighter concrete barriers?

Yes, different providers may stock much lighter concrete barriers. Which in turn, you can expect a nominal reduction of effectiveness in regard to its weight, and to some degree, its physical durability.

That being said, if those drawbacks don’t bother you, a metal or even plastic barrier could be worth looking into as your desired barrier, As they will cost you less money. As opposed to opting for a lighter concrete barrier over our heavy concrete barriers.

Where to buy concrete barriers

Understanding Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers can be bought from reputable concrete providers such as PPC. Our concrete barriers boast an interlocking feature which improves the structural integrity of the barrier. As a result, once interlocked, the barriers become exceedingly more difficult to remove.

Depending on the provider you opt to use, you can either buy the barriers permanently, or pay to use them, returning them once your usage period is over. Some providers have both options available, be sure to ask when making your enquires.

Calculating the cost of concrete barriers

In regard to PPC, the cost of our barriers will depend entirely on your requirements. The easiest way to find out is by contacting us directly, via phone or email. To obtain a quote with ease, be sure to list out the requirements you have for the project at hand.

Before obtaining a quote, knowing the following factors can give you an accurate price on your quote…

  • You have the measurements of the perimeter where the concrete barriers will go.
  • You know roughly how many you feel you require.
  • You have an estimate of the length of time you will need the barriers.
  • You know what the barriers will be securing
  • You are familiar with the landscape in which the barriers will be placed (In case any land abnormalities or uneven surfaces come into play).

Signs you need a concrete barrier

  • You require long-term site protection.
  • You need a heavy-duty, almost immovable barrier.
  • The barrier will be outdoors.
  • You require a barrier that is durable.
  • You know that a plastic or metal barrier is not suitable for your current needs.

What happens if I don’t have a concrete barrier?

How do you lift concrete barriers?

If your site doesn’t have a concrete barrier, you can expect the following possibilities to occur…

  • Your site is trespassed upon by vehicles and pedestrians alike.
  • Accidents can be much more dangerous if it takes place in an area where barriers could have been.
  • There is a risk to the public depending on the function of the site (e.g. if it is a construction site).
  • If anything is left on the site, it has a greater chance of being stolen, as vehicles can easily enter.
  • There is less order in regard to organisation.
  • Site workers are at risk if there is no organisation via the barriers, or barriers protecting them from potential incidents occurring outside where a barrier should be.

Are concrete barriers the best security option?

Being used alone, concrete barriers don’t provide a 100% full proof security option. Some of the following options may be more applicable than others, depending on the area the barriers are cordoning. With this in mind, here are some additional security options you can employ.

  • Guard dogs.
  • On-site security.
  • Fencing/barbed wire.
  • Security systems including cameras.

How to move a concrete barrier

Most concrete barriers, or at least, the ones we supply, have spaces at the bottom that allow certain forklifts to lift the concrete barrier. Of course, the forklift must be able to support at least 2.5 tonnes.

Before moving a concrete barrier, you should…

  • Be wearing the correct safety equipment.
  • Ensure nobody is in the vicinity whilst you move the barriers.
  • Ensure the barrier isn’t attached to anything.
  • Know where you are moving said barrier.

You should never try to lift multiple blocks on one forklift at once, this can disturb the weight distribution of the forklift, causing it to topple over. As tedious as it may be, moving a concrete barrier one by one is the safest manner to approach moving them.

Buy concrete barriers today

Buy concrete barriers today

As an established supplier all over the UK, PPC Concrete Products is always happy to help, which is why we encourage you to get in touch with any questions you may have or have a look at our FAQ.

In this blog, we hope to have shown you where to buy concrete barriers, whilst also providing extra information in regard to construction solutions that we offer.

Take a read of our case studies to truly understand how we have provided solutions for business in the past with the use of our interlocking concrete blocks, and ultimately, how we can help you today.

Read our blog page for more insights into our passion, construction.


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