Where Can I Get Forklift Blocks?

Where Can I Get Fork Lift Blocks

Forklift Blocks provide an excellent and efficient option for those looking to transport heavy concrete blocks. But are they easily accessible? Or are these special blocks hard to find?

In this blog, we will address the question ‘Where can I get Forklift Blocks?’

At PPC Concrete Products, we are here to provide solutions for your construction needs, from the person working on their part-time project to commercial clients, and everyone in between.

Monthly construction output had risen an estimated 1.6% value in June 2023, and we would like to think our accessible concrete products had a small part to play by giving our clients easy access to reliable and easy-to-use construction solutions.

Why should you use a forklift for moving concrete blocks?

Why should you use a forklift for moving concrete blocks?

Concrete Blocks are known for having a much heavier weight compared to bricks. Additionally, the size of the concrete block will directly influence the weight, this is especially the case with our Interlocking Concrete Blocks.

Forklifts are generally considered safe for carrying concrete blocks for multiple reasons:


Forklifts are designed with specific weight capacities, and they are capable of safely lifting and transporting heavy loads, including concrete blocks. As long as the forklift’s capacity is not exceeded, it can handle the weight of the concrete blocks without compromising safety.

By exceeding the weight capacity, the forklift will likely break, and/or tip over.


Forklifts have a low centre of gravity, which provides stability when carrying heavy loads. Additionally, many forklifts have features such as wide wheelbases and counterweights that further enhance stability, reducing the risk of tipping over while carrying concrete blocks.

Although they are stable, incorrect handling, especially with heavy loads, will result in an accident, so the utmost care is required during operation. To mitigate the chance of any issues, having a clear established route, free from obstructions, is the best way to work safely with a forklift.

Specialized Attachments

Forklifts can be equipped with specialized attachments such as fork extensions or clamps that are specifically designed for handling irregularly shaped loads like some concrete blocks, or other items. These attachments securely hold the load in place during transportation, minimizing the risk of them shifting or falling off the forklift.

Operator Training

Forklift operators are required to undergo training and certification to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to safely operate the equipment. Proper training teaches operators how to handle loads, navigate obstacles, and maintain control of the forklift, reducing the likelihood of accidents while carrying concrete blocks.

Safety Standards

Forklifts are subject to various safety standards and regulations that govern their design, construction, and operation. These standards ensure that forklifts are equipped with safety features such as brakes, lights, horns, and seat belts to protect both the operator and bystanders while carrying heavy loads like concrete blocks.

Overall, when used correctly by trained operators and maintained according to safety standards, forklifts are considered safe and efficient for carrying concrete blocks and other heavy loads in construction and industrial settings.

Can I move concrete blocks bare-handed?

Concrete blocks can vary in sizes, the smaller the block, the more likely you can carry it bare-handed. However, we do not recommend this at all. One wrong move can lead to serious and/or permanent injuries if it is mishandled or dropped, Regardless of the size of the concrete block, we would always recommend moving it with suitable lifting equipment.

What are Forklift Blocks?

What are Forklift Blocks?

Forklift Blocks are a style of our Interlocking Concrete Blocks that have the capacity to be lifted by a forklift. As a result, the blocks can be transported easily, which is incredibly useful for smaller sites that can be difficult to manoeuvre in with larger machinery.

The lifting of our Forklift Blocks is facilitated by specific slots we have made at the bottom of the blocks that allow the fork area of a forklift to easily slide in to establish a hold on the block.


How many blocks can a forklift take?

With our Forklift Blocks, you should only transport one at a time. To lift more than one, you should ensure they are on a surface like a pallet, and the total weight on the pallet does not exceed the weight capacity of the forklift. Though this is unlikely with our blocks, as there are only two sizes available.

Overloading the forklift will strain the structural integrity, which will likely damage the components like the axel and hydraulics. By doing this, you are compromising the safety of yourself and those around you, any damages will increase maintenance costs, wasting your money and time. Be sure to check the capacity before loading.

Where can I get Forklift Blocks?

Where can I get Forklift Blocks?

Forklift Blocks are available from PPC Concrete Products. The Forklift Blocks we supply are available in two sizes, these are 1800x 600 × 600 mm (1560 kg) and the 1600 × 800 × 800 mm (2460 kg) block with forklift slots.

To get one of our Forklift Blocks, simply get in touch with PPC today, for a concise quote, it is best to have a clear understanding of the project you want to conduct. Regardless, we will be able to provide the best guidance in accordance to your needs.

The benefits of Forklift Blocks

Our forklift blocks share a lot of similar features to our interlocking concrete blocks and therefore share most of the same benefits. Like interlocking concrete blocks, forklift blocks are perfect for almost every construction environment.

The advantages of forklift-compatible concrete blocks include, but are not limited to:

  • Easier to manoeuvre with the use of a forklift
  • Can be moved with other appropriate machinery if required
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be stacked upon each other
  • Naturally long-lasting
  • No need for a foundation before placing
  • More than one size is available.
  • Little to no maintenance is required
  • Can be interlocked
  • Becomes more secure once the blocks are interlocked
  • Has fire-resistant properties
  • Can be used for temporary and some permanent buildings
  • Has sound-resistant properties

Additionally, forklift blocks can be used to make retaining walls, roadblocks, security barriers, segregation bays and material storage bays and more.

Our forklift blocks, like our interlocking concrete blocks, can be used for:

  • Material Storage bays
  • Blast walls
  • Salt stores
  • Crash protection
  • Push walls
  • Security barriers
  • Segregation bays i.e. recycling centres
  • Retaining walls
  • Industrial buildings
  • Fire breaks
  • Counterweights
  • Roadblocks

Are Concrete Blocks environmentally friendly?

Yes. Compared to other building materials, concrete blocks are environmentally friendly, this is due to the fact that they are made from natural and abundant materials. This includes cement, aggregates, and water.

Furthermore, due to their superior durability, concrete blocks reap the benefit which results in them having longevity. This reduces the need for frequent replacement, this minimises waste, and as a result, environmental impact over time.

On the other hand, it can be argued that the use of heavy machinery, and other vehicles to transport the blocks, reduces the environmentally friendly characteristics of concrete blocks.

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