JO Transport

An enquiry from JO Transport to install a retaining wall using Concrete Interlocking Blocks to support the road and the perimeter of the yard

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JO Transport have been operating from their yard in Bolton for many years, as part of their expansion plans they have recently purchased a section of land adjoining their existing yard premises situated by a main road. 

Client: JO Transport
Services: : Construction


In order to use this additional space they used our Concrete Interlocking Blocks as a retaining wall to support the road and the perimeter of the yard where the area was crumbling away at the edges and unable to support the weight of their vehicles, so in effect the usable area of the yard had been diminishing.

Solution &

The use of the Concrete Interlocking Blocks has allowed them to use the area to its full potential, protecting their investment and giving them a practical solution to their previous problem to the future.

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