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How Much Does a Jersey Barrier Cost?

Jersey barriers can provide your construction project with an almost immovable and extremely durable method of protecting your site. That being said, Jersey barriers can be used on more than just a construction site.

With that in mind, knowing the price of this worthwhile investment can save you a lot of hassle. That’s why, in this blog, we will answer the question ‘How much does a Jersey barrier cost?’

At PPC Concrete Products, we are here to provide solutions for your construction needs, from the person working their own part-time project, to commercial clients, and everyone in-between.

Monthly construction output had risen an estimated by an 1.6% value in June 2023, and we would like to think our accessible concrete products had a small part to play by giving our clients easy access to reliable and easy-to-use construction solutions.

Jersey Barriers explained

Jersey Barriers explained

A Jersey Barrier is a form of barrier made of concrete. It is also known as a concrete barrier. They are generally used within construction sites, traffic diversion, site management, crowd control, and much more.

Jersey Barriers are made by pouring concrete into specially made pre-cast moulds. The concrete is allowed to dry, and the mould is removed, resulting in a Jersey Barrier. Jersey Barriers also have the ability to interlock, reinforcing their effectiveness.

Jersey Barriers also benefit from being weatherproof as a result of being made from concrete. This is helpful in environments within England that can be wet, cold and windy depending on where you are.

Additionally, concrete barriers are heavy, this makes them extremely difficult to move, and due to the natural durability of concrete, it is difficult to damage. This combination of durability and heavy weight enables a concrete barrier to be one of the best long-term options available.

What could happen if I don’t have a Jersey Barrier?

Not having a Jersey barrier could lead to a whole host of issues that can cost you time, money and unnecessary stress. In the context of a construction site, for example, having no Jersey barrier could leave your site open to…

  • Pedestrians who may accidentally or intentionally wander onto your site, either during construction or after, when it is unattended to. Both are at risk of injury, additionally, an intentional intruder on your site may result in damages, theft, or sabotage.
  • Vehicles may intentionally or accidentally enter your site, which could result in vehicle accidents, theft, and damage to the site, setting its completion back even further. Some vehicles may park at the site illegally, which could result in your team spending precious working hours locating the owner in order to move it.

How much does a Jersey barrier cost?

How much does a Jersey barrier cost?

Jersey Barriers do not have one set price*. This is because there are a few factors in play that will affect the pricing. Here are the factors…

  • How many Jersey Barriers do you need?

When it comes to the amount you require, this factor impacts pricing because the more you have, the more we may need to make in order to fulfil another customer’s order.

  • How long do you require the barriers for?

Similar to the previous point, if you only need a barrier for a month, we may not need to make more to fulfil a customer’s order. Whereas if you require them for a year, it will impact our stock of Jersey Barriers, hence why longer durations will cost you more.

  • Will you be collecting them or do you require delivery?

This factor will influence costing simply due to the additional costs we incur as a result of delivering the blocks, especially if it is a very long distance.

*We can not speak to the pricing and rationale applied by other concrete providers, they may have a set price on their barriers. It is best to research and compare before committing to a choice.

How to order a Jersey barrier

Obtaining a Jersey Barrier is as simple as getting in contact with PPC today. PPC is a trusted and established supplier of various concrete products. In order to give you an accurate quote, we suggest the following…

  • Know what you are using the barriers for.
  • Have an understanding of the space the barriers will be placed. This includes the perimeter or length that will be covered, in addition to the ground it will be placed on. Is it concrete? Or grass? Is it on a hill? Or flat land? Etc.

Are Jersey barriers heavy?

Should You Put a Barrier Between Wood and Concrete

Yes, at PPC, our Jersey Barriers weigh just below 2.5 tonnes. This may seem a lot for a single barrier, but rest assured, this weight guarantees our concrete barriers can not be moved without any heavy lifting equipment. Especially if they are interlocked

The heavy weight ensures that your barrier is unlikely to be tampered with, and damaged, unless it is involved in a very high velocity impact. This gives peace of mind and a layer of security for sites that need a basic level of protection.

Weights of barriers will likely vary nominally depending on the manufacturer.

What are the dimensions of a Jersey Barrier?

Amongst different providers, the dimensions of their concrete blocks may vary, but with that in mind, the dimensions of our Jersey Barriers are, 900×2000 mm. This equates to 90×200 cm.

Is there a disadvantage to having a heavy barrier?

The drawback to having a heavyweight barrier such as a Jersey barrier is the fact that moving them is a careful and time-consuming job. So they should not be used in instances where there needs to be a quick removal of the barrier from the site.

The only way this can be mitigated is by having a clear and wide entrance/exit not covered by the barriers. It may require an alternative method of security to ensure nobody who is unauthorised can enter. Having a gate, or on-site security on the premises, in addition to Jersey barriers may be the best option in this instance.

Are there cheaper alternatives to Jersey barriers?

Are there cheaper alternatives to Jersey barriers?

When it comes to alternatives, Jersey Barriers can not have their effectiveness replicated by anything other than concrete. Understandably, concrete can be expensive and cumbersome for some, but there are barriers made from different materials.

Though these materials can be cheaper, the uses and abilities compared to concrete is limited. Here are the alternatives to concrete barriers.

  • Plastic barriers – A plastic barrier is the lightest kind of barrier you can get, though they can be easily moved by people, and certain weather conditions. Plastic barriers serve can easily be bypassed, but can be used to provide an alternative path for roadworks etc.
  • Metal barriers – Metal barriers are heavier than a plastic barrier, making them harder to move and much more durable. In addition, metal barriers serves the same purpose as a plastic barrier, but more so in situations such as concerts to reinforce crowd control.

Purchase Jersey Barriers today

As an established supplier all over the UK, PPC Concrete Products is always happy to help, which is why we encourage you to get in touch with any questions you may have or have a look at our FAQ.

In this blog, we hope to have answered the question ‘How much does a Jersey barrier cost?’, whilst also providing extra information in regard to construction solutions that we offer.

Take a read of our case studies to truly understand how we have provided solutions for business in the past with the use of our interlocking concrete blocks, and ultimately, how we can help you today.

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