How Do I Build a Retaining Wall on a Slope

How Do I Build a Retaining Wall on a Slope

Whether you are looking to add an attractive feature to your garden or you are looking to introduce a structure for practical reasons, a retaining wall is the ideal landscape feature to build in your garden.

Retaining walls are both versatile and cost-effective, meaning they are brilliant options for everybody, regardless of your budget. Whilst retaining walls are often straightforward to build- what about building a retaining wall on a slope? How difficult is it?

In this article, you will find an informative guide on building a retaining wall on a slope and how it can benefit you and your landscape.

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What is a Retaining Wall?

What is a Retaining Wall?

Acting as a robust support structure, a retaining wall is a wall built to retain outdoor materials such as soil and gravel, to name a few. The retaining wall prevents the movement of the materials as well as working to minimise erosion. Some other purposes for the building of a retaining wall include:

  • To provide landscape stability
  • To create a useable space on sloped terrain
  • To protect buildings
  • To increase the aesthetic of your landscape

There are multiple types of retaining walls and the type of retaining wall you require will depend on factors such as:

  • The Purpose of your retaining wall
  • The material you plan to use
  • The terrain you wish to build the retaining wall on (for example, you may wish to build on a slope)
  • The height and size of the retaining wall you require

What Type of Materials Can Be Used?

Due to the versatility of the retaining wall, there are multiple materials you can use to build one effectively. Some of these materials include:

No matter the material you choose to build with, you must take into consideration the surface and terrain you are building on and carefully plan your structure before you begin building. Careful planning at the beginning will decrease the likelihood of the construction process failing.

The Planning Process

When it comes to building a retaining wall, the planning process is vital to ensure the success of your purpose-built wall. Before you begin you must assess the area in which you plan to build. If you are building on a slope, you should measure the angle of the slope.

You should also consider any other factors which could affect your new structure. These include factors such as the material you plan to retain, the state of the terrain, and any existing structures on the site.

Once you have ensured all of these factors are addressed and taken care of, you may be required to obtain planning permission to build a new structure. In order to ensure you have the correct planning permission, you should contact the planning department at your local authority. Failure to do so could result in implications.

After you have obtained the correct permission to legally build your retaining wall, you can move on to planning the construction. The planning process should include the material you use, the size of the wall you plan to build, and the amount of materials you require. Also, when planning your design you should take into account your budget.

Gathering Tools and Materials

You will require a number of tools and materials to aid the smooth running construction of your retaining wall. The materials you require will include your chosen material for the wall itself and gravel to aid the foundation of your retaining wall.

When it comes to tools, its a great idea to come prepared. Some of the tools you should consider having to hand are:

  • A spirit level- to ensure your wall is level
  • A string line and pegs- to mark out the area
  • A shovel- to dig the foundations for your retaining wall
  • Tape measure- to measure the correct size for your wall
  • Protective equipment such as gloves and knee pads may be beneficial

You should ensure you gather your materials ahead of building your wall. This will mean you have everything to hand in one place; speeding up the efficiency of the construction process.

Building Your Retaining Wall

Building Your Retaining Wall

It is now time to begin the main construction process of building your new retaining wall.

  1. You should begin by digging a trench along the slope to match the desired size of your wall.
  2. Once the trench has been suitably dug to the correct height and size, you can begin to lay a base of gravel inside the dug trench. Once you have filled the trench correctly with the right amount of gravel, take some time to compact the gravel to create a good foundation level. This will also ensure suitable drainage.
  3. Following your planned design, begin to assemble the wall with your chosen material. Between each layer, make sure you are securing the wall effectively using cement, or nails depending on the material of your retaining wall.
  4. Once the wall is built, fill the remaining area around it with gravel for a neat finish and extra security.
  5. You may want to add some capping on top of your wall, this is optional but can increase longevity and aesthetic factors.
  6. Once the wall has been left to settle over a matter of days or weeks, you may wish to paint your wall– this step is not essential.

The Benefits of a Retaining Wall

There are many benefits to building a retaining wall. Some of these benefits include:

  • They are more aesthetically pleasing than a pile of dirt
  • They prevent soil erosion or collapse
  • They help to divert rainwater
  • Improve the appearance of your garden landscape
  • The extra space can be ulitised for a seating area
  • They provide protection and stability for buildings in the event of collapse or earthquake
  • A good way to protect natural vegetation in your outdoor space
  • A reduction in running water after storms and heavy rain

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