Easily Move These Interlocking Concrete Blocks With a Forklift

Whether you’re in construction, event management, agriculture or any other industry looking for a building or blocking solution, you need to know all about our interlocking concrete blocks, now available with easy-to-move forklift slots.

Our concrete blocks are cost-effective, convenient, easy to use, versatile and highly durable. They are ideal for various projects, including stacking and barrier building, and they are suitable as permanent and temporary fixtures.

In this article, we discuss the purpose of our interlocking concrete blocks, their benefits and how they can be easily moved. We also introduce ourselves at PP Concrete Products, who we are and what we can do for you and your next project.

What are interlocking concrete blocks?

Innovations in building and construction mean there are far more effective ways of making a structure than bricklaying, which has its limits, one of which is our interlocking concrete blocks.

Interlocking concrete blocks are a multi-purpose, reliable and efficient addition to the construction world. They are a unique form of pre-cast concrete blocks designed to hold together using pre-measured studs and recesses.

Their structure and design allow them to fit perfectly into each other without using mortar because they simply snap together like Lego. These affordable concrete blocks have many uses and can be used as temporary or permanent features.

Benefits of interlocking blocks

The main benefits of interlocking concrete blocks are that they’re quick, easy to use, inexpensive and hassle-free, as there is no need for foundations, steel reinforcing or shuttering.

Concrete interlocking blocks are an excellent replacement for Gabion baskets as they’re far more durable and long-lasting. Structures can be created quickly, making them time efficient and convenient and easy to use.

They require very little maintenance and are weather resistant, making them ideal for creating storage bays. Because of their versatility, they can separate a larger space into two or several smaller areas or work zones.

Here are the benefits of interlocking concrete blocks:

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Quick and convenient to install
  • No need for mortar
  • No need for foundations, steel reinforcements or shuttering
  • Cost-effective
  • Time effective
  • Weather resistant
  • Versatile
  • Stackable
  • It can be used for temporary or permanent fixtures
  • Unlikely to become displaced due to the interlocking feature
  • Various sizes available

What can concrete interlocking blocks be used for?

Our interlocking versatile blocks are not only easy to use, but they can be used for many different purposes, including:

  • Storage bays
  • Blast walls
  • Salt stores
  • Crash protection
  • Flood protection
  • Push walls
  • Security barriers
  • Segregation bays
  • Retaining walls
  • Industrial buildings
  • Fire breaks
  • Culverts
  • Counterweights
  • Roadblocks

To name just a few. If you are unsure if our interlocking concrete blocks can be used for your needs, contact us for a chat with one of our experts.

How do you move concrete blocks easily?

Our interlocking concrete blocks can be moved with any standard moving equipment capable of lifting any other concrete blocks. Placement depends on the usage of the blocks, and generally, the floor doesn’t need to be treated before laying the blocks as long as the ground is firm and flat for permanent fixtures.

However, PPC Concrete Products now have forklift-friendly concrete blocks, making lifting and manoeuvring even easier for particular projects and no need for complicated machinery or fiddly chains.

What are forklift blocks?

We now offer the 1800 x 600 x 600mm (1560kg) and the 1600 x 800 x 800mm (2650kg) fork lift blocks. Out interlocking concrete forklift blocks offer the same benefits as our regular concrete blocks but have the added benefit of forklift slots for easy manoeuvring.

What are forklift blocks used for?

Designed to be easily moved by a forklift, they are ideal for:

  • Security barriers
  • Traffic management
  • Blocking entrances
  • Test weights
  • Counterweights

Jersey Barrier blocks

As well as our interlocking concrete blocks, we have Jersey Barrier blocks that can be easily moved using a forklift. Our heavy-duty Jersey Barrier interlocking blocks easily lock in place next to one another, making the creation of barriers a breeze.

Benefits of Jersey Barriers

A Jersey Barrier is a concrete block shaped like a rectangle, whose bottom end is much broader than the top to aid stability. Our Jersey Barrier blocks ensure they cannot be easily moved or knocked over when used to create a barrier.

The benefits of using our Jersey Barrier blocks include the following:

  1. Cost-effective– they are very cost-effective due to their interlocking system and can be easily picked up and used elsewhere on another project.
  2. Ultimate security– heavy-duty blocks provide ultimate anti-vehicle security, flood protection, site security, edge protection and temporary work.
  3. Easy to install– the interlocking system means easy installation as the barriers easily lock in place next to one another. Plus, easy movability due to the forklift slots.
  4. Long lasting– our blocks are made on site, with care, using our moulds and the best, locally sourced raw materials. These blocks are long-lasting, weather resistant and durable.

What would a concrete barrier be used for?

A concrete barrier is essentially a fence, wall or barricade joined together by concrete blocks. Our Jersey Barrier blocks can be used in multiple ways, whether as a barrier to prevent access to unauthorised sites, keep people safe from a hazard, crowd control or a retaining wall.

A retaining wall is a structure which is designed to withstand the lateral pressure of soil or hold back soil material. The retaining wall can be an independent structure, or it may be part of a wider construction project.

Here are some examples of Jersey Barrier block uses:

  • Traffic control
  • Perimeter protection
  • Temporary construction works
  • Protect workers from heavy machinery
  • Prevent flooding damage
  • Motorway or dual carriageway safety
  • Edge protection
  • In high-risk security situations
  • Crowd control at large events
  • Temporary public functions
  • To support large, temporary structures
  • Separate pedestrians from roads
  • Crate parking bays
  • For earth retention

Got a project? Our friendly team can help.

Here are PPC Concrete Products; our Jersey Barrier Blocks and Interlocking Concrete Blocks offer excellent tensile strength and durability with or without forklift slots. They’re convenient, cost-effective, and have many uses, so they’re perfect for many building or security projects.

We supply concrete blocks all over the UK and take great pride in everything we do in our factory. We have a thorough manufacturing and quality control system to ensure that only the blocks of the highest quality will pass through our doors and into the hands of our customers.

Case studies

We at PPC Concrete Products pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, and our customer satisfaction rate proves that. Here are some examples of what our past customers have said about us.

James Obertelli, managing director, said, ‘Very happy with the product and highly recommend’ after having installed a retaining wall using our interlocking concrete blocks to protect the road and the perimeter of the yard.

Other customers have said, ‘A pleasure to deal with, the delivered were always on schedule, would not hesitate to use them again and highly recommend.’  

Another satisfied customer said, ‘First class service. Efficient, affordable. I would highly recommend to anyone for Lego blocks.’

About PPC Concrete Products

PPC Concrete Products is a Greater Manchester-based supplier of building materials. We supply high-quality concrete blocks and are here to help you with your next project.

To learn more about PPC Concrete Products, visit the company website.

Contact us at 01706 655245 or email us at info@ppcconcreteproductc.co.uk

A final word

PP Concrete Products provide interlocking concrete blocks and Jersey Barrier blocks for construction, security and protection services. We now have easy-to-move interlocking concrete blocks with forklift slots, perfect for temporary uses.

For more information on our innovative, useful and cost-effective blocks, contact us, read our blog and we look forward to helping you with your next project.

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