Advantages of forklift-compatible concrete blocks

Building Blocks for Success: Forklift-Friendly Concrete Solutions for Efficient Construction

Nobody wants to struggle when they work, especially when it comes to something as important as construction, so naturally, you will want to find the easiest and safest solutions, one of them being forklift-friendly blocks.

In this blog we will be sharing with you the building blocks for success: forklift-friendly concrete solutions for efficient construction.

As an established and trusted concrete provider, PPC Concrete Products aim to provide solutions for people in the construction industry. We supply interlocking concrete blocks, jersey barriers, forklift blocks, and more.

PPC Concrete Products is here to provide the answers you may be looking for whilst giving you an insight into the quality concrete options we supply. Our supplies are fit for purpose and generally provide no issues with building regulations, not to mention being safe to use for a variety of construction needs.

The demand for construction is only increasing, on a private and industrial level. Whichever side you fall into, A forklift-friendly concrete block may be an option to help keep your site secure regardless of its shape.

The forklift blocks we supply are a version of our interlocking concrete blocks that can be moved by forklifts, let us tell you more about the uses and benefits of interlocking concrete blocks below.

What is a forklift-friendly block?

What is a forklift-friendly block?

As the name alludes to, a forklift-friendly block is our style of interlocking concrete block which has the ability to be moved by forklifts, resulting in a much easier method of transporting interlocking concrete blocks on site.

This is facilitated by specific spaces we have made at the bottom of the blocks that allow the fork area of a forklift to easily slide in to establish a hold on the block.

What is an interlocking concrete block?

As we previously mentioned, our forklift blocks are in the style of our interlocking concrete blocks, but what exactly are they?

Interlocking concrete blocks are a unique form of pre-cast concrete blocks that are designed to hold together by using pre-measured studs and recesses. Built with unique profiles and features, which allow them to fit perfectly into each other without the use of any mortar. Instead, the cementitious blocks simply snap together with each other.

The advantages of interlocking concrete blocks

  • Longer lasting and more durable than a Gabion basket
  • Quicker and less hassle to install
  • No need for mortar, saving you money and time
  • No need for steel reinforcement or shuttering
  • Resistant to extreme weather conditions
  • Fire-resistant properties, mitigating the spread of fire depending on structure
  • Little maintenance required
  • Often, no foundation is needed before installing
  • Sound resistant
  • Sustainable
  • Ability to stack them upon each other
  • Flexibility in sizes
  • Appropriate for temporary and/or permanent buildings
  • Unlikely to be displaced due to the interlocking function
  • Can be moved with standard lifting equipment

What are interlocking concrete blocks used for?

PPC Concrete Products supply interlocking concrete blocks, here is what they can be used for.

  • Material Storage bays
  • Blast walls
  • Salt stores
  • Crash protection
  • Push walls
  • Security barriers
  • Segregation bays i.e recycling centres
  • Retaining walls
  • Industrial buildings
  • Fire breaks
  • Counterweights
  • Roadblocks

And much more.

​​What can forklift blocks be used for?

Is a forklift block the same as an interlocking concrete block?

Forklift blocks can be used for almost everything described in the previous section, as they are almost identical to our interlocking concrete blocks. However, if you are using forklifts exclusively, it may be difficult to stack higher than 3 or 4 blocks depending on the size of your forklift.

Retaining walls, roadblocks, security barriers, segregation bays and material storage bays present a perfect opportunity in using a forklift block.

Features of forklift blocks

  • Weather resistant
  • Durable
  • Heavy – hard to move without specific equipment
  • Can be stacked upon each other
  • Relatively quicker to install
  • Versatility in their application
  • Generally no need for foundations before placing
  • Various sizes available

Building blocks for success: forklift-friendly concrete solutions for efficient construction

Our forklift-friendly concrete blocks hold all of the benefits of our interlocking concrete blocks, in addition, forklift-friendly concrete blocks present a great opportunity to manoeuvre concrete blocks in a more intricate fashion due to the manoeuvrability of the forklift.

This is Ideal for situations in which larger equipment would struggle to place and move around with a concrete block.

PPC Concrete Products, alongside providing Interlocking Concrete Blocks, Jersey Barriers (and more) also are proud to also provide forklift-friendly concrete blocks, which we refer to as Fork Lift Blocks.

Fork Lift Blocks are ideal for Security barriers, traffic management, Blocking Entrances, test weights, and counterweights.

What size are forklift blocks?

We now offer the 1800x 600 x 600 mm (1560kg) and the 1600x 800 x800mm (2460kg) block with forklift slots.

How much do forklift blocks cost?

This is dependent on the size and amount needed, we encourage you to get in contact with us as we can discuss and provide for the needs of your project accordingly.

Why do I need a forklift block?

Why do I need a forklift block?

Forklift blocks may not be needed for every single build, but they can prove to be invaluable, as well as saving you time and money on builds like a retaining wall for example.

Using a forklift block for a retaining wall will speed up the process as you don’t have to use a larger machine to move the blocks into place, it can be facilitated with a forklift that would take up less space, and be much more precise due to its manoeuvrability. 

Can I move a forklift block manually?

No, as we mentioned earlier these blocks are over 1000 KG, therefore you would need a large group of people to move the block, which in itself would be difficult without risking injury to anyone.

Forklift blocks can be moved by other heavier machinery if necessary, however, these blocks were designed specifically for forklifts, so it is best to use one if you are in the process of trying to move a forklift block.

What is the best forklift to use for a forklift block?

Understandably, due to the heavy weight of our forklift blocks, you can’t use a forklift that can’t manage heavy loads. Depending on the blocks you choose (or if you choose both), you would have to opt for a forklift that has lifting capabilities that include 1560KG and 2460KG respectively.

Failure to use the appropriate forklift for this task will result in you damaging or even breaking the forklift in question. Additionally, you then pose a risk to the forklift operator and any other workers in their vicinity.

Using a weight that the forklift wasn’t made for may bend the fork, break the fork or cause the forklift to tilt over which will result in injury. As a result, you would be made liable to pay for the repairs of the forklift, which can hamper the progress of your build and make you spend more money than you need to.

Purchase a forklift block today

As an established supplier all over the UK, PPC Concrete Products is always happy to help, which is why we encourage you to get in touch with any questions you may have or take a look at our FAQ.

In this article, we hope to have shared with you the building blocks for success: forklift-friendly concrete solutions for efficient construction, whilst also providing extra information in regard to construction solutions that we offer.

Take a read of our case studies to truly understand how we have provided solutions for business in the past with the use of our interlocking concrete blocks, and ultimately, how we can help you today.

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